SOLE Toolkit 2.3

5th September 2011 DOWNLOAD HERE: master_sole_model_v2-3

Version 2.3 of the SOLE toolkit is released on the 5th September includes the addition of a ‘Dashboard’ sheet.

This sheet serves two purposes. Firstly, the dashboard sheet provides at a glance a view of each of the unit pie charts so that patterns and inconsistencies might be spotted during development. Secondly, it includes a new visual representation of the modes of learning in which the learner is being engaged. This is particularly useful in diagnosing the degree of faculty input that is anticipate at each unit or week stage.

The functionality added in July 2011 in version 2.2, namely the additional space is provided for the identification of weekly (or stage) objectives, and for students to identify when they consider they have met that objective, and for programme outcomes, remains.

Screenshot of DashBoard sheet in version 2.3 showing ‘modes of engagement’

Modes of Engagement

5th September 2011 –master_sole_model_v2-3

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