SOLE Toolkit 1.2

Version 1.2 SOLE Toolkit

Version 1.2 of the Toolkit to support use of the SOLE Model has been completed and is now available for download. The modifications from Version 1.1 include some increased use of cell naming to ensure easier populating of terminology that may well differ by context. There is also the promised addition of ‘student actual workload’ hours.

Version 1.2 also contains a complete, but by no means comprehensive, set of guiding questions, prompts and advice. The intention is to build a full  range of embedded pedagogical guidance but to leave it open to institutional educational developers, and individuals, to customise this support.

Please feel free to download the Excel Workbook that makes up the SOLE toolkit and provide comments or feedback, either here or by emailing me at –

Download Version 1.2 Here (1.04MB Excel Workbook – No Macros)

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